About Us

Banner Uniform is a locally owned and operated uniform company that has been serving our Bay Area customers for over 20 years. We are also a City and County of San Francisco registered vendor and certified Local Business Enterprise (LBE).

What We Do

Banner Uniform is a full service dealer offering a wide range of uniform items and accessories for various industries: Medical, Fire/EMT, Maintenance, Hospitality and Food Service, Security, Transportation, Law Enforcement and more.

We specialize in managing the uniform purchasing needs of a diverse variety of businesses, government departments and city agencies. Our services are tailored to you and your group's needs, including: sample review prior to purchase, uniform fittings (in house and onsite), in house alterations, branding and customization services, and order management and fulfillment. We help and guide the process each and every step of the way. Our experienced team is highly knowledgeable of the uniform landscape and also on the unique aspects of government procurement.

Why choose Banner Uniform?

“What makes Banner Uniform different?" Our service and dedication to our customer' needs. At Banner Uniform, our flexibility is key to our success and customer satisfaction. Whether you're in need of an individual uniform, looking to outfit 6 employees, or provide uniforms for a large group of 1000+ employees, we can provide you with a personable, hands-on approach to accommodate your specific needs. An online-only dealer simply is unable to provide the hands-on service and quality we do.

Our service doesn't stop there. Whether your organization pays by credit card, check, issues vouchers, blanket purchase orders, term contracts or uses P-cards, we can format a program that supports your specific buying requirements. We can also assist you in establishing a budget and selecting items that offer the best value given your constraints. Our flexible billing options take a bit of the stress out of the purchasing process.

Local physical presence

While any number of online dealers can offer standard order fulfillment, we provide personable, flexible and localized services that online vendors simply cannot offer.

Our showroom and alterations facility is centrally located in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood and is easily accessible by public transportation and car making it convenient for you or your employees to visit our location for sample review and product selections as well as employee fittings, alterations, and Will-Call order pickups.

Convenient Uniform Shipping and Delivery/Inventory Management

Our customized package distribution makes getting your uniforms easy. We offer bulk shipping; individually packaged items shipped to your place of business or your employee's homes; as well as showroom pickups. We accept purchase orders, honor warranty claims and provide services for uniform voucher programs (including order fulfillment and billing process management.)

Can any online dealer accommodate onsite or track spending by employees by item and department? Can they provide a local showroom where you can review different uniform samples and styles? At Banner we provide all of these services and more.

We can also handle initial bulk orders and offer inventory management as your large orders are being filled, eliminating the headache of managing a lengthy, piece-by-piece order fulfillment process. We take care of the storage, organization, and distribution for these multi-piece uniform orders.